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There are a few approaches within ’operations management by externals’ which might be useful to know before any choice is made by a prospective customer. We tried to represent these approaches in the chart below in an order of complexity. Casspeat prides itself to be the leading authority in overall implementation and in the implementation of continuous improvement competences in particular (the ’how 4’). The latter comprises all previous skills in the chart added up from top to bottom. A typical consulting company for instance would not commit itself to implementation but would pass that responsibility down to the client company, and, similarly, most implementer firms would not undertake behavior management with the ultimate objective of developing the pinnacle trio of management skills: self-reflexion, problem identification-cum-solving, and change management.

By doing justice to full and all round implementation Casspeat engenders on its clients’ soils the very skills that are indispensable for endogenous continuous improvement and without which such an improvement culture is very hard to fathom, let alone put in place. At the same time we are ready to step into any one of the operation management phases and we consolidate the achievements of an engagement at the highest complexity level in the scope to secure maximum embeddedness.

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