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Supply Chain Management

The life cycle of supply chain management evolves according to the PDCA cycle along design, implementation, evaluation and improvement phases of the individual supply chains (or networks). Casspeat is active in supporting all these functions together or separately depending on the actual needs of its customers.

Each and every SC function falls back on the following key factors:
  • processes and technology (information, finances, workflows and material flows in particular, comprising information technology, forecasting techniques and/or JIT networking, aggregate planning etc. on the one hand, and assets, inventories, transportation technology etc. on the other);
  • people and system;
  • customers and suppliers (and the level of relationship with them)
We believe that the continuous improvement of supply chains is increasingly becoming the chief source of excellence for large and mid-size corporations. It is today more than ever that supply chains and supply chain networks rather than individual companies compete. And while the interdependence of people and processes in this respect has never been more evident, the huge complexity of long chains recurringly suffer from different magnitudes of breakdown gaps opening up between plans and execution, upper and lower management perceptions of reality, and, occasionally, those gaps between management subsystems.

Some of the more critical issues in SCM are the ERP | Lean alignment, postponement and decoupling problems, cost | responsiveness tradeoffs, product family management, the accurate understanding of floor capabilities, to name only a few.

With a transparent and effective liaising between the strategy level and execution, with its Value Stream Kaizen (VSK™) approach and a few others tools Casspeat can work out and implement the best possible approach for you and your company.
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