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As an implementer company Casspeat is measured by the accomplishments of its systems in a span of several years while providing circumspect ’crash’ solutions for others interested.

Projects can run from a few weeks to a couple of years and be extended with a continuous improvement period of several years. Casspeat projects boast with an average 450% ROI (a minimum of 330%). We guarantee our clients’ investments where it is in point, and maintain our systems.

With the tools you gave to our supervisors as a joint result of the implementation of lean system tools and an extended shop-training curriculum we have gained a lot in management know-how and skills on top of some robust changes on the floor. - GENERAL ELECTRIC
Besides delivering proper classroom trainings CASSPEAT's experts played a major role in
shaping the behaviours of our key management personnel.
… CASSPEAT owns the most advanced skills, highly qualified associates
and the most modern methodological procedures.
You cast a new light on the most nagging problems and pointed
to valuable sources of savings
Every sane manager prefers to increase productivity amid growing
volumes but he has to do this job in hard times, too.
Their strength was their professional knowledge and their independence from any past practices. With their help we identified not only cost saving possibilities but also started to improve internal co-operation especially on the middle manager level. - SHV-PRIMAGAZ
For me personally the most enjoyable of all were your
behaviour trainings and 5S programs
… a very close and good co-operation. - AKER SHIPYARDS
Through the several months of hard work you proved that productivity can be improved in a
modern and an even so complex manufacturing environment that we have.
Their professional approach accompanied with the proven skills in leadership, teamwork and analytical problem solving of the senior advisors led to a sustainable improvement at employees and production system. - BOSCH
We especially appreciated system orientation and integrated system concepts… and
the impact that they are going to have on the thinking and mindset of our supervisory
and mid-management
We owe grateful thanks for your effective, highly skilled approach that entirely
met our earlier expectations.
The system installed by your team in the production department is working and generating
the expected savings by effecting permanent control over the process flow. - AVON COSMETICS
We had constructive discussions with CASSPEAT experts rooted in
LEAN and other continuous improvement concepts.
Improvement of the mentality and awareness of supervisors is spectacular - SOLE-MIZO
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