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Quality & Productivity

The two are the chief goals of operational improvement and the foremost indicators of operational excellence. Quality (in processes and of products) and Productivity (in the sense of efficiency) are the main drivers of customer satisfaction and profitability. Yet they are also the most intricate and complex notions of organizational output. To track losses in quality and productivity one needs to know the whole organization from top to bottom, inside out, day in day out. And this level of transparency that makes accurate and on-time interventions possible is very rare. It is the joint result of high level process, system and behavioral competences within a strategically chosen environment.
Quality and productivity are implemented properly when managment capabilities (that is, systems and people) effect the value chain (the totality of the processes) to the biggest benefit of the company and its clients, and they do it in a transparent, measurable and sustainable fashion. For that to happen implementation has to take effect in systems and in behaviours especially at the lowest levels of management which, however, will not happen as a result of company walks-in or demonstrations, let alone week-end seminars and theoretical workshops. Real sustainable change demands a comprehensive approach, it needs time, and all in all it needs a systematic improvement of the company culture.

To make it happen the management should be of the highest quality from the executive level down to the point of execution. Things are connected. In order to achieve good bottomline results the value chain must be in good hands all along the working day while the executives should propel and lead the the rank-and-file to better results each day without exception. Without leadership and the management working in close proximity continuous improvement may only remain a dream, or worse, a source of daily frustration and ultimate loss of faith in the company’s present and future.

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