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A national operation of a $40 B global company with a mixed portfolio has long been experiencing not only cultural and system disfunctions, originated at corporate level, but also some more fundamental deficiencies in the problem solving capacity at process and shop floor level.
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Continuous improvement is the most enigmatic notion of operations management. Anybody can and everybody does improve, after all, if not otherwise then by shutting down a plant, so why the excitement? Of course, this is a most cynical way of thinking, yet not entirely fictitious. It calls the attention, at least, to the lack of a tenable framework in a lot of companies to properly and faithfully measure their performance.

The measurement of progress (or regress) in market penetration, financials and benchmarks should always be coupled with operations metrics to properly allocate responsibilities. Then continuous improvement will be seen in a specific angle in a specific domain and luckily, though not necessarily, the improvement of particulars will yield a favorable trend overall. An honest, corruption safe business intelligence system is something that always comes handy to a good business and is never late to start developing.

True continuous improvement is specific to a company culture that is open, supportive of innovation, experiencing, and, as a matter of fact, of failures. The continuous search for problems and variances is not an easy condition and few are capabe of maintaining it. Anyone can have tools like A3 posted on the bill boards, deify ”root cause analysis”, ”stand the circles”, conduct sporadic Kaizen events, even attain improvements, however temporary, of some sort, but unless they have all these and many more consolidated within an endogenous culture of improvement the whole effort is basically vain and useless. Consultants can help you to some tools, maybe to the right track, too, but ultimately it will be a matter to be decided and fought within the cadres of a given company.
At advanced companies endogenous kaizen competences are increasingly becoming the leverage of growth and profitability. As the continuous evolution of soft skills is probably the most difficult factor of excellence to secure across larger organizations Casspeat has come forward with a ground breaking new technology to make that happen.

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