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A national operation of a $40 B global company with a mixed portfolio has long been experiencing not only cultural and system disfunctions, originated at corporate level, but also some more fundamental deficiencies in the problem solving capacity at process and shop floor level.
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As said elsewhere on this site quality and productivity are implemented properly when managment capabilities (that is, systems and people) effect the value chain (the totality of the processes) to the biggest benefit of the company and its clients, and they do it in a transparent, measurable and sustainable fashion. For that to happen implementation has to take effect in systems and in behaviours especially at the lowest levels of management which, however, will not happen as a result of company walks-in or demonstrations, let alone week-end seminars and theoretical workshops. Real sustainable change demands a comprehensive approach, it needs time, and all in all it needs a systematic improvement of the company culture.

For something to be implemented means that it works and stays to work for a reasonable span of time if managed properly. The best of implementation is followed by continuous improvement.

The logic of analytics, in particular, is vastly different from the logic of implementation. The latter is limited by a given buyer’s ultimate ability to integrate changes. This ability, in turn, is determined by the buyer’s actual aptitudes and capabilities, openness, aspirations, firmness in action, dedication etc., a complexity of competences that ultimately define the change management potential of a company. When putting together the change management plan for implemenation CASSPEAT should take into consideration all this and not only the ultimate theoretical goals of a program. Hence the different set-up of individual programs within the boundaries of the rough logic. All of our programs and projects are tailor made to make the most out of the encounter of goals and the actual reality.

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