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Excellent leadership at executive level ought to find its complementary competence in the right behaviors among lower level managers. Supervisory development at Casspeat is offered through our world leading prorietary behavior management system with a focus on the pinnacle trio of management skills: self-reflexion + problem detection & solving + change management, leading to endogenous continuous improvement, among process and floor managers. Maybe the most that Casspeat can do for its clients is a change in the dominant mindsets. If we can, as we strive to, leave behind high level management competence in the above three, to result in a thrust for endogenous continuous improvement, we have indeed followed through our mission. And, as for you, then you probably will not need a management consultant for many years to come.

At advanced companies endogenous kaizen competences are increasingly becoming the leverage of growth and profitability. As the continuous evolution of soft skills is probably the most difficult factor of excellence to secure across larger organizations Casspeat has come forward with a ground breaking new technology to make that happen.

We believe that were it only for strategic capabilities companies would fairly well level up to a common standard. In the matter, however, of operational capabilities (concerning the management of strategic capabilities and resources) there has been opening up an interesting gap between management systems and managerial skills.

Companies have been improving their systems and their managerial body in separation as if systems and managements were not supposed to control the same processes. And they are outstretching their OPEX as a consequence often by 20-40%!

We believe that a behavioral KPI system should control management behaviors and this KPI system should be deployed and tied into the overall management system already in place and slightly upgraded. By its design and logic our behavior management system will create a constant conflict between one’s own assessment of herself and the assessment she receives from her superior and this way it will start to motivate all managers to level up to their superiors’ expectations shortly after its deployment. This will result in a general alignment of the organization to executive expectations and shape a disciplined environment of behavioral management according to operational needs. The idea has some more background and a corpus of relevant materials, obviously, but some of its benefits meet the eyes immediately:
  • It gives focus to the HR development efforts.
  • It makes such efforts transparent and measurable.
  • It creates an early warning system to avoid productivity loss.
  • It leverages a company’s learning curve over any earlier Lean based or other approach.
  • It will enhance productivity gains by at least 10% on top of what is being achieved.
  • It creates a lot bigger transparency and accuracy at the strategy/ops interface.
  • When sytematically used it is the corner stone of a self-correcting management system!
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