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A manufacturing site of a global corporation producing electronics parts for automotive industry has been struggling with its main production line for some time.
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We conduct an analysis for and in itself or prior to any other engagement. An analysis can run from a few days up to a month or so depending the size of the scope in question. It is extremely capable, thorough and casts light on all the relevand aspects of a problem area. It is normally run with the interests of a possible implementation or change management program in mind unless our clients have priority perspectives of their own. The analysis may extend to the relevant numbers (operational and financial analytics including waste calculation), the critique of processes (through various lenses), management system (BP’s, utilization of tools, configuration etc.), and behaviors (via observations, interviews and questionnaires) in the full length of a supply chain or in any particular segment thereof, e.g., R&D processes, IT departments, sales, admin processes, manufacturing.
On the Analytics side Casspeat invests all the mathematical, engineering, statistical and management tools available to our profession, and it is among our necessary ’can-do’s’ to march acronyms without limits if that is what is needed. (Luckily it is very rarely needed.) A standard analysis however also takes care not to use the tools for their own sake. To gain a comprehensive picture of the to-do’s a sufficiently detailed value stream map might tell more than the whole refined statistical apparatus of the universe. A variance analysis is OK but unless sewn into a larger picture provided by, e.g., the Five Whys process, it will not say much in ultimate relevance. Six Sigma is fine but very unhelpful without a broader Lean context. And then you will still have to answer whether a proper policy deployment (Hashin Kanri) has taken place.
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