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’Sometimes, not too frequently, we stumble into problems that are new. Really new... Those moments and the consequent teamwork are then the ones we live for... I mean the rest is OK, needs to be solid, but those are the creamy parts why we genuinely love this business. We can do a solid job ... for anybody and be happy to do it. But down the road there is always a cake. Do your lot and fetch the cake. Mind the proportion, however.’
Robert Buru
Executive Vice President Operations Support
(in a company training workshop)

Operating in four continents Casspeat & Company serves the business community with state-of-the-art process management procedures. It is our aim to be acknowledged as the most advanced capability implementer company of the world, invariably changing business performers to the better whether they be maximum sophisticated or overflooded with opportunities, enhancing endogenous operational performance and creating business competence in change management with a logic of no comparison in any segment of a supply chain in any industry.

We pursue solid, state-of-the-art approaches as well as experimental and niche technologies applicable in certain business environments. The governing concern of Casspeat & Company is to achieve double-digit sustainable margin increase for its clients through management systems implementation, business process reengineering, training needs analysis and comprehensive management training reaching from the executive to the floor level (including one-on-one coaching). We boast of deploying the best behavior management system in the market.

We initiate and follow through changes, and would not leave until the improvements in systems, processes and behaviors have adequately been embedded in the value chain to lock a meaningful continuous improvement mechanism. And we guarantee the results.

Typical areas of quantifiable improvements (QCD)
  • OEE to 93%
  • Defect rate down to 25 DPMO
  • Manhours down to 60% compared to base
  • Production lead time cut to 12% on the base
  • Logistics and Transportation productivity by 25%
  • Delivery accuracy up to 99.998% Q-o-T
  • Stocks and work-in-process down to cc. 10% on the base
  • Inventory cut to 35% on the base
  • Utilities by cc. 40%
  • Maintenance costs down to 35% on the base
  • Overhead down to 55% on the base
  • In-sourcing to cc. 90% on out-sourced base
(Percentages based on historical results)
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